Reel2reel Album Cover



  • Recorded, edited, and delivered in full 96kHz/24bit high definition audio
  • 675+ sound effects
  • Fully embedded Soundminer metadata
  • Includes an Excel spreadsheet and PDF copies of metadata which can be downloaded via the preceding links.

Product Description

Another electromechanical-focused library from SkewSound! Our reel2reel Sound Library features a professional tape machine from the 1980s. We captured all the sounds this little (well, actually quite large and heavy) piece of gear could create. DC motors, servos, tape spinning, metal impacts, and more can be found within this library. And if you are on the hunt for some huge, analog style mechanical buttons, you should hear what this library has to offer.  Every performance was multi-mic’d, providing you with a greater range of tonal qualities to modify to your heart’s content.

Select the Free Sample* from the drop-down to download a selection of sounds from this pack!

*While the full library consists of 96kHz/24bit samples, the free sample demo is offered at 44kHz/16bit.


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